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A Moon that actually looks blue, however, is a very rare sight. The Moon, full or any other phase , can appear blue when the atmosphere is filled with dust or smoke particles of a certain size: slightly wider than nm. The particles scatter the red light, making the Moon appear blue.

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This is known as Mie scattering and can happen for instance after a dust storm, a forest fire, or a volcanic eruption. Eruptions like the ones on Mt.

Helens in the US , and Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines are all known to have made the moon look blue. Some people even suggest the term once in a Blue Moon is based on these rare occasions, rather than the Full Moon definitions above. The Full Moon can look red if other sizes of dust particles fill the atmosphere or during Total Lunar Eclipses , which are much more common than Moons that look blue. A totally eclipsed Moon usually looks red, and because of this coloring, it is sometimes called a Blood Moon.

So, this was a rare opportunity to see a red Blue Moon. If this wasn't enough, it was also almost a Supermoon , earning it the nickname Super Blue Blood Moon. A similar phenomenon is Rayleigh scattering , which occurs when light strikes a molecule of air. This scattering causes the sky to look blue in the daytime and red at sunrise and sunset.

Topics: Astronomy , Moon , Calendar , Months. Blue Moons can vary by time zone. Dates above are based on the local time in New York. Change location. Try our Interactive Meteor Shower Sky Map to find the best time and location to see shooting stars from the Draconid meteor shower. Full Moons had given names in many ancient cultures. The Full Moon names we use today often reflect nature like Harvest Moon. The Full Moon is the moment the entire face of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun's rays.

It is the 3rd primary phase. Each Full Moon has a name, except the Blue Moon. The Pisces Moon inclines us to rely on instincts and impressions, while the Virgo Sun gives a preference for critical analysis and facts. Uranus is also related to technological matters, which might either pose a risk or be a saving grace. This pattern may show you your unique way Uranus to do your spiritual Pisces work Virgo. Scorpio is a good sign for letting go, turning the page and moving on.

This connection usually brings some unexpected doozies so keep your seatbelts fastened. Electrical problems or storms with associated power outages are a strong possibility; have those extra batteries ready. Friction in international relations is another likely manifestation. After this fanfare fireworks finale, smoother planetary interactions come into play. It was there earlier this year in late February to early March and late June through the middle of July.

Three visits from a moving planet happens because of the zigzag movement due to retrogradation, an optical illusion when a faster planet lines up with a slower one. This can be attributed to Neptune, the planet of fog and non-reality, being at a standstill on the summer solstice.

Since both planets are in the signs they rule Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius , the effect is even stronger.

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Whatever that part of your chart indicates will be subject to misunderstandings or missteps. Mercury dances around Mars this summer, hanging out very close to the red planet at both the summer solstice and at the July 2 Solar Eclipse New Moon. Influences at a solstice or an eclipse last an extended period of time. Their blend promotes quick-thinking as well as speaking too hastily and will likely propel many people to drive too fast. There can be an aggressive side to speech with these two so close, along with jumping to conclusions.

Caution is advised, along with slowing down. This should help counterbalance the potential pugilistic influence of the Mercury-Mars conjunctions.

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These four heavenly bodies gather in a grouping and often simultaneously occupy the summer signs, moving first through Cancer and then through Leo and Virgo. The marriage asteroid Juno is also near these quick-moving planets, moving through Leo, putting emphasis on marital matters. If you plan to to marry this summer, a good day for a wedding is August This is a rare situation. What a year for a summer romance!

Many types of relationships are improved by being proactive in expressing our affections and caring. Across July and August, the quick planets all form imprecise but still effective Grand Trines with them. Eclipses occur when new or full moons are within range about half a sign of the lunar Nodes, which are the intersections of the two key orbits: the Moon around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun. The North Node, an indicator of the direction in which we should travel for our spiritual growth, is in the maternal sign of Cancer. The South Node, signaling what we should strive to release, is in Capricorn, a judgmental and regimented sign that turns a cold shoulder.

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Capricorn along with its ruling planet Saturn represent government. There are some regulations that need to be changed! Hopefully, this summer of love will be about loving our neighbors, not just our lovers. The Lunar Eclipse looks to be a more difficult time, due to that pesky dwarf planet of disruption and chaos, Eris. Its discovery is what prompted astronomers — not astrologers! The opposition of the Sun and Moon which is what defines a full moon is weighed down on the Capricorn side of the seesaw, and both ends of the axis are squared by Eris forming a troublesome T-square.

But a T-square can also mean a turning point, a push — even if a hard one — for transformation. A second New Moon not an eclipse in July on the 31st which calendars not based in the Americas will list as August 1 shows a somewhat easier pattern, still featuring the long-term Pluto-Eris square that tries to force change, this time in a milder T-square with Mercury occupying the space where the Sun was at the Lunar Eclipse. The rest of the quick planets are having a good time in sunny Leo, trine other planets in the Fire signs.

This means HEAT along with lots of passion and creativity, and hopefully fun. The term arose to address a rare astronomical phenomenon of having four full moons in a season. Seasons are always three months and ordinarily have only three full moons. For instance, if the Lenten Moon had been the third full moon of four in the winter season, it would have triggered an extra month of fasting before Easter came later than usual in the spring. The average time between these blue moons is 2. As for a second full moon in a calendar month, that happens in an irregular manner. Both types of blue moons are infrequent and noteworthy, but the calendar version is a man-made construct while the third in a season is strictly astronomical.

Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, spends approximately 13 years in its home sign during its year swim around the zodiac.

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  6. Because planets appear to move backward in the zodiac an optical illusion called retrograde motion due to the earth also being in motion , slow planets take calendar years to transition between signs. And when the union of the Sun and Moon at a New Moon occurs close to Neptune, these tendencies are accentuated even more. What can we expect in the coming four-week lunar cycle? A big dose of everything related to Pisces and Neptune. This sign and planet are not known for being straightforward nor transparent.

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    Instead, they operate in round-about ways, in the realm of illusion and mysteries. They deal in dreams rather than reality, in impressions, wishes and fantasies rather than facts. Their domain encompasses fog, veils, and whatever goes on behind the curtain or behind your back. Their associated territory in a chart is the Twelfth House, a place indicating hidden enemies, imprisonment or confinement. Neptune and Pisces are affiliated with sleep, healing which takes place during sleep , the medical field, medications and self-medicating, including alcohol and recreational drugs.

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    On a psychological level, projection, escapism and delusion come into play, as well as pathological lies and playing the victim. Positive expressions of this energy are visualization, prayer, empathy and psychic ability. We may be in for extra confusion in the current period courtesy of Mercury, the planet of communication, traveling in reverse in Pisces. This can feel like swimming in circles the fish chasing its tail.

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    This likely makes this bout of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces more challenging than some Mercury backtracks in this sign. In addition, Mercury passes by Neptune three times: February depending on your time zone in the approach to its back-up, March 24 while Retrograde, and April 2 when leaving the back-up range. These are apt to be peaks of Piscean problems or possibilities. The final connection may be most difficult since Jupiter turns Retrograde on April 10 and thus is motionless and exerting additional force.

    These sextiles with planets in earth signs are likely to be our saving grace to keep us from going off the deep end. To satisfy the Uranus-Neptune semisquare, break away from your comfort zone or old established ways and surprise yourself by reaching for a dream. Marriage Line.

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